Proprietary blend of botanicals from SOLGEN soybean isoflavones and Cucurbita pepo.

Contains high levels of genistin & genistein isoflavones, the phytoestrogen that favorably contributes in menopause urinary incontinence

Genistein therapy regressed the degenerative changes associated at OAB symptoms*(2).

Proprietary clinical studies in European women*(3-7)


73% reduction of urine leakages*(4)

46% reduction of urge urinary incontinence episodes*(3)

52% reduction of stress incontinence episodes (SUI)*(4)

69% reduction in nocturia*(5,6)

60% reduction in volume of nocturnal diuresis*(5)

66% reduction in daily panty-liners*(4)

GMP manufacturing (Tradichem Industrial Services)


2 x 500mg for the first 4 weeks.

1 x 500mg for the following 20 weeks.

*(1): Claim on hold
*(3-7): Propietary clinical studies